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Wazo Hill

Orca markets Additional Gas to power, industrial and commercial markets in Tanzania. The core market is power generation. Orca has also developed a sizeable industrial market that includes 36 customers in the Dar es Salaam area. The company is currently marketing compressed natural gas (CNG) to be used in transportation and by industrial and commercial customers who cannot be economically connected to the company’s low pressure gas distribution system.

Power Generation

As at 31 December 2011 there was approximately 1,144 MWs of available power generation in Tanzania. Power generation capacity has steadily increased over the last few years due to a rebalancing of the power generation mix.  Lower than anticipated rain fall has now resulted in hydro generation accounting for less than 50% of the annual available generation. The only major water storage is at the Mtera reservoir which supplies the 80 MW Mtera and 200 MW Kidatu hydro plants. The remaining 261 MWs of hydro generation is “run of river” which is only operational on average for 4-5 months in the year.

Additional Gas PipelinesIndustrial

Natural gas is a reliable and more environmentally friendly source of energy than heavy fuel oil or coal.  

Orca’s low pressure natural gas pipeline system connects industrial users in the Dar es Salaam area. Builty by Orca, the system is currently in excess of 50 kilometres. 36 industrial customers are connected, and examples of industries using Additional Gas include textile mills, breweries, glass and steel manufacturers.
CNG Filling Station
CNG Equipment

Demand for cement in Tanzania has increased significantly over the past few years with extensive construction of new offices and accommodation in Dar es Salaam. A new kiln (Kiln 4) at the Tanzania Portland Cement Company’s Wazo Hill cement plant at Dar es Salaam was commissioned for use with Additional Gas in Q2 2009. Continued growth in demand for cement is forecast to increase gas consumption at Wazo Hill.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

CNG is provided from a “Mother Station” consisting of a compressor, a vehicle refuelling dispenser and two trailer filling facilities as an alternative to diesel and gasoline to fuel vehicles converted to run on CNG. Three “Daughter Stations”  supply some industries, hotels and one institution. The CNG facilities are intended to supply gas to consumers that cannot be cost-effectively connected to Orca’s existing low pressure gas distribution system.