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Additional Gas marketed by Orca is supplied to power plants through 16” or 8” high pressure pipelines.  Industrial markets are served by a low pressure ring main distribution system.

Gas sold for power generation by Orca is supplied through the high pressure pipeline hub at Dar es Salaam. To meet the needs of industrial customers, Orca distributes gas through a distribution network that consists of 50 kilometres of low pressure pipeline and four pressure reduction stations.  This network is financed, constructed and operated by Orca.  Gas is currently supplied to 36 customers in the Dar es Salaam area.

In addition, Orca provides CNG for use in vehicles, by hotels and industries beyond the reach of the low pressure pipelines. These CNG projects are the first to be developed in East Africa.

map - pipeline connections at Dar es Salaam

Market Expansion

Utilities and Industrial

Annual growth in Tanzania's energy demand is currently averaging between 7 and 9 percent. Over the next ten years, peak electrical demand is forecast to increase by approximately 100 MWs per annum.